The D3C (Davis California Challenge Cup) Tournament in Ghana


The D3C (Davis California Challenge Cup) Tournament (est. 2007) is an annual tournament played between fourteen (14) village schools including the Otwetiri Municipal Aurthority (M/A) Basic School. The purpose of this annual D3C tournament is to keep children in these poor village schools, keep them fit and educate students on how to face and overcome challenges and be competitive in life. In fact, according to Headmaster Anthony Gbagba of the Otwetiri M/A Basic School, organizing this tournament has helped the school increase enrollment and develop the achievements of students. He also indicated that the tournament has brought a lot of excitement and interest in academic education to the students, hence their increase of attendance. Funding for this D3C Tournaments comes from The Otwetiri Project each year. Thanks to the Davis Legacy Soccer Club (DLSC), Davis Senior High School (DHS), Second Touch Soccer Non-profit Organization and the UC Davis Men's Soccer team, The Otwetiri Project has been able to provide used uniforms and soccer playing gears (used balls, pennies, etc.) for the tournament.